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Gelish Nail Polish

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Gelish Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish revolutionized the industry as the first gel nail polish to be packaged in a bottle with a brush for quick and easy gel nail polish application. Since 2009, Gelish nail color has produced over 200 nail gels and counting. We maintain quality as our priority in the gel nail polish industry! With Gelish gel nails, all nail products will have you coming back for more!

On My Wish List Collection

The On My Wish List Collection is joyful and bright with gel polishes this holiday season!

Change Of Pace Collection

Our Change Of Pace Gel Nail Collection could be yours this Fall as our must haves for Autumn nail shade color palette!

Flash Glam Gel Nails

Lights, Camera, Action! Flash Glam Glitter Gel Polish is giving glitter a revolutionary upgrade with just the flash of a camera.

Pure Velvet Magnet Gel

Pure Velvet Magnetic Nail Polish Gel will launch with four gorgeous cat-eye glitters with a magnet-activated velvet effect.

Wedding Nail Kit Party!

The Wedding Nail Collective Kit by Gelish is formally inviting you to our seasonal gel nail polish kit party!

Seasonal Wedding Gel Nail Kits

Splash Of Color Collection

Your dream Little Mermaid nails are right here at Gelish this summer! Check out these six new bright summertime gel nail shades.

Pure Beauty Gel Collection

Experience our spring Pure Beauty pastel nail polish collection balanced by spring gel nail polish hues!

The Original Gel Nail Polish

This patented sensational LED gel nail polish formula will have you wanting more and more soak off gel nail polish!

Gelish Chrome Stix

Not just any regular nail polish! Chrome Stix nail art accessory will transform your Gelish gel nail polish in just minutes!

Gelish Blooming Gel Nail Coat

Color changing gel nail polish will have you WOWed in minutes! Your nail color changes in no time with our unique Blooming Gel Coat!

Gelish Soft Gel Nail Tips

Pre-shaped full coverage nail tips are durable and long lasting for everyday beautiful nails. Included in our Gelish nail polish kits!

Gelish Gel Nail Polish Kits


Gelish Gel Nail Polish is focused on quality and is designed to meet the demands of busy every day long term wear.


Gelish Gel Nail Polish Kits provide everything you need to get started in one amazing gel nail kit. Easy step-by-step instructions, our gel nail polish application will last up to 21 days with a beautiful shine.


Gelish Gel Nail Polish kits come in a wide range to fit your needs. From kits with LED Gel Nail Lights to simple gel nail starter kits with the essential gel products. We have a variety of Gel Polish Kits to choose from.

Gelish No Cleanse Top Coat

Cures in 60 seconds with a high gloss shine! Save time by skipping cleansing for your gel manicure with a shiny gel nail topcoat!

Gelish Xpress Powder Dip

High-quality Acrylic Dip Powder System you can rely on for great results every time. Experience individually or in our Gelish nail kits


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