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Manufactures Premium Quality Products. Our quality is set above the standard because we cater to the most demanding clients. We look for the best.

You can be assured of the quality when buying from us.

Maccibelle Professional Sanding Block Buffer Orange White

Can be used for acrylic, dip powder, gels and regular manicures. File and smooth even the hardest to get to spots on your nails. They are super easy to use.

PORTABLE - Small size but enough surface to use on a full set.

LAST LONGER - Premium Quality. It's a professional product.

No cross contamination.

  • Manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that it meet the quality of the professionals. Our products are used by nail technicians.
  • Maccibelle Mini Buffer can be used for acrylic, dip powder and natural nails
  • Our Premium nail buffer Smooth even the hardest to get to spots on your nails. This buffer is guaranteed to be strong and durable. Not too many mini buffer was manufactured as strong this this one.
  • Our mini buffer is easy to use.

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