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Excuse Me Drop 8 oz
Excuse Me Drop 8 oz

Excuse Me Drop 8 oz


Product description

  • Excuse Me lacquer drying drops is so easy to use and dry super fast

  • Apply 1 to 2 drop of Excuse Me with the convenient dropper. Polish is dry to the touch in seconds.

  • Protects polish from smudges, dents, nicks and scratches

  • 8 oz

  • Made in USA

How to Use

how to use excuse me nail polish drying drops


" Karlash drying drops really help my customer's nail dry faster. "Tony X, LaBelle Spa. Staten Island.

" when my customer is in a hurry, I always use the Karlash Drops. They leave faster and happier". Amy D, Amy Nails. Brooklyn

" When the nail dryer machine is not enough, Karlash drops do the job". Jess, Clearview Nail. Queens

" It's a cost effective drops that work very well. It's cheaper than OPI and ESSIE and works a well. ". Christy, U and Me Nails, Manhattan

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