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TACHIBELLE Sweet Honey roll-on wax is formulated with glyceryl rosinate extracts for a hair-free smooth and hydrated skin after each waxing.

* Sweet Honey Roll On Wax contains sugar hydrates and nourishes. These natural products nourish and hydrate the skin leaving a silky soft feeling.
*This wax has a creamy and gentle consistency for easy spread and suitable for sensitive areas, the ample areas, face, underarm, and bikini line.
*Manufactured by specialist with over 35 years of experience in hair removal wax. Made in Italy
  • -EASY TO USE DEPILATORY ROLL-ON WAX: facilite body waxing sessions; at home waxing with efficient results.
  • -CONVENIENT: roll-on wax system uses a thin layer of wax on skin and paper strips to remove hair.
  • -SAVE TIME: Roll-on wax cartridges are less time consuming as a single application results in an even layer of wax on the skin.
  • -Hair wax removal cartridge system is necessary uses body waxing strips and roll on wax warmer (NOT included).

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